MERLION replenished the software portfolio with new solutions from SkyDNS


According to MERLION, implementation of the filter optimizes the consumption of the employee working time.


The software assortment presented at MERLION has been replenished with new solutions from the Russian developer of cloud content-filtration, parental control and secure search systems viz. SkyDNS. Using SkyDNS products and services it is easy to manage access to the internet and organizations with tens of computers, and large structures with the extensive network of branches, large quantity of computers and Wi-Fi points, CNews informed at MERLION.

Overall, the company will now offer the following SkyDNS products: SkyDNS.Premium, SkyDNS.Business, SkyDNS.School, SkyDNS.Wi-Fi.

SkyDNS.Premium is the tariff for home connection of the internet filtration and parental control cloud service. The solution allows at any Network point manage and control the online access of children, using detailed statistics always stay informed about what web resources were visited, and limit the time spent on the internet by children. This service also provides protection against malicious and phishing websites and botnets. The SkyDNS.Premium users can remove almost any advertisement from the visited websites.

SkyDNS.Business is a cloud corporate internet filter, which is distinguished by the high filtration quality, ease of Net access management, possibility of blocking third-part online activity, support of any IP address, ease of configuration and high extraction speed. According to MERLION, implementation of the filter optimizes the consumption of the employee working time. The feature rich safety provides online protection both of individual computers and the entire corporate network with any number of devices in it.

SkyDNS.School is an internet filter with the secure search option, tailor made for use in educational institutions and libraries. The solution combines the ease of Net access control and management, detailed statistics of online activity, support of any IP-address and ease of configuring, mentioned in the company. The filter completely meets all the requirements of the Russian law in force for protecting children against harmful information.

SkyDNS.Wi-Fi is a purpose-built solution that allows the owners of Wi-Fi-hotspots in cafés, restaurants, entertainment centers, public places, in the transport to quickly meet the requirements of the laws in force and easily protect the users against harmful information, such as the websites banned by the Russian law.

These and other SkyDNS packaged solutions are available at MERLION tailor-made.